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22-2-2022 - Whispp Positioning Paper

We are very pleased to announce our positioning paper! It is intended as a discussion paper with which we would like to engage in an open, positive and constructive manner with anyone who wishes to do so. Primarily it is intended to learn from people who stutter themselves, speech therapists, stutter therapists and scientists. Other experts and interested parties are of course also welcome and we are always open to valuable collaborations.

In this paper, we first tell about our 'vision' on stuttering and the principles and values that are important to us. We share, on the one hand, our hypotheses about how whispering and later possibly Whispp's technology can make a positive contribution and, on the other hand, we address the possible negative effects. We discuss our ideas and current plans for scientific research.

You can soon follow more details and the progress of our scientific research in collaboration with partners at www.whisperingresearch.com.